Storage, Security, and Analysis

This table describes the 4 main data storage and research computing facilities offered at Harvard

Sensitive data support Level 3Level 4 Level 3 Level 3 Level 3, Level 4
User interface Command line Command line Graphical User Interface Graphical User Interface
Quick start tutorial Quick Start Guide Using Slurm  Contact: Quick Start
Integrated Applications (gui-based and executables) List of 681 modules that each contain their own applications  Lmod system of environment modules, with each module containing its own applications List of statistical applications
Additional software packages can be installed.
Software packages include R, Stata, Matlab, SAS, Stat/Transfer, and more. Users can install additional software.
Training available? Yes, regularly scheduled workshops. Yes, regularly scheduled classes. Yes, regularly scheduled statistical workshops. Yes, required training session upon signup, subsequent information sessions about best practices and new resources. Regular workshops in collaboration with IQSS.
Intended users Mainly FAS, SEAS, HSPH. Other Schools welcome. HMS, HSPH, & beyond (eCommons, hospitals) All Harvard; MIT social scientists HBS
Compute fees? Free Free Free Free
Storage fees? Free. Additional storage can be purchased Free Free (with additional paid resources if backups are needed for data larger than 1 TB)  

The information above was last updated in February 2019. For updates and additional information on these resources, please contact each resource individually.